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As we begin, slowly and even perhaps painfully, TO EMERGE from this time of CORONA VIRUS . . . where to go next?  How do we live through such a (hopefully) once-in-a lifetime event - and somehow return to our old lives?

The short answer is - WE DON'T.  Even if we wanted to, life as it used to be is just not ever going to be the same.  For many reasons.  In lots of ways.

We are, let's just be honest about it - likely forever more changed.

But we CAN embrace that. And in doing so, we can move forward from this time with A QUICKENING in OUR SPIRIT - AN OPENING in OUR HEART - and a NEWFOUND AIR of DEEP INTENTION.

What WILL we do next?  When we slowly find our selves uncoiling from our "cocoon" . . . where do we go now?  Who will . . .  WE BE?

My deepest prayer and truest wish for you is this:  that you ENACT . . . A NEW LIFE!  A brand new life!  A sparkling one that takes your breath away and is awe-inspiring . . . TO YOU!  If this time was worth anything to us, surely it was a potent and profound opportunity TO REFLECT - on who we are, on what matters most in our lives, and on what we want our lives to hold going forward.

IT IS A RARE THING to live through something like this.  If you have accepted THE INVITATION of our MAGIC IN THE TIME OF CORONA SERIES, then you have likely done some deep inner soul-searching about what YOUR ESSENCE is turning you towards next.  And soon we will, hopefully, all get to slowly . . . LIVE OUR LIVES AS WE CHOOSE.

And that . . . IS OUR POWER:  the choosing that lies before each one of us right here, right now.  And, that IS ever the point right now - CHOOSE your life.  CHOOSE each moment and every decision with your heart in the lead, and your soul guiding it from beginning to end. 

Choose . . .

And in doing so, CREATE a new life.  One that is more joyful, more fulfilling, more contented.  How?  THAT IS COMPLETELY UP TO YOU!

But may I suggest one thing?  CONTEMPLATE . . . the blank canvas before you.  As any good artist knows, IT IS WISE and EVEN MAGICAL to take a moment and be still - and stare at that blank canvas.  Before you pick up a brush or take a step towards it (and your future), just step back . . . and truly see it.  SEE THE SPACE.  SEE THE OPENNESS.  SEE ALL THE POSSIBILITIES.  CONTEMPLATE ALL THE POTENTIAL. 

SENSE . . .
What is stirring
Beneath the surface
As yet Unseen and Unknown.
Rather than immediately trying to GET BACK TO WHAT YOU WERE CREATING AND LIVING BEFORE, instead of trying to continue living the life you were living, or even trying to make the changes you were trying to make before . . . STOP.  And contemplate the enormous blank slate before you.


Is it really best to go back to the path/the plan/the life you were executing?  Even if you were in the midst of a time of change or transformation when the virus hit - is it THAT SAME TRANSFORMATION which beckons now?  FROM DEEP INSIDE YOUR SOUL ? !

I say 'your soul' here because it is easy to get caught up in all the instructions and even feelings YOUR MIND GIVES.  It likes to give directions and will lead you where it thinks you should be going.  BUT . . . have you consulted your SPIRIT?  You SOUL?  Your ESSENCE?  Your SACRED HEART?

If not, then I suggest you do so - NOW!  SOON!!!!

Your highest choices and best inspirations will come from that space.  And I have serious doubts that anyone who lived through this time of CORONA has a soul that is urgently guiding them to GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS.

I believe . . .  our souls are ALL guiding us to really embrace a new life - a life that is new to us - even from the one we held a few weeks ago.  One that, perhaps, we have not yet even SEEN.

Remember this, when YOUR ESSENCE is enacting A NEW LIFE . . . you often will not be given the blueprint for it.  IT MAY EVEN BE A SURPRISE.  It may not be where you thought you were going, it may not hold any of the things you thought were important - and it may not happen as you plan or think it should or would.

BUT . . . if you allow YOUR ESSENCE to take the reins, if you surrender to HER WISDOM and relax into her guidance, you may just find something surprising.  YOU MAY COME TO KNOW . . . that a whole new life has now been born.  INSIDE OF YOU.  YOU are the one who is different now.  YOU are the one who has changed. 

And because of that inward shift, you do not have to figure out HOW to change your outer life or its circumstances.  THE LIGHT WITHIN YOU will take care of that.  PERFECTLY.  YOUR ESSENCE . . . will call forth the changes necessary to move you forward.

The question is

WHERE do we go next, individually and collectively?  I suspect the hidden gift of this time is the energy it carries to propel us forward -  TO ENACT A NEW LIFE!  YOUR BEST LIFE YET ! ! !   And to let your soul craft it for you . . . even if it comes into being looking like nothing you once knew your life to be. 

Why?  Because only then can you truly discover YOUR OWN HIGHEST LIFE.  It's waiting.  Your Essence is beckoning to you.  She wants to show you . . . A SPARKLING BRAND NEW LIFE!

All you have to do is follow her lead . . .
And trust every step of the dance!
I leave you with A FINAL THOUGHT:
Times such as these are ultimately all about
Deep and profound TRANSFORMATION - both inner and outer.
The question worthy of your attention is this:
Will you use LOVE . . . or FEAR . . . to Transform?
Will you be holding LOVE . . . or FEAR . . . as you move forward?


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