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Humans fear change almost more than anything else.  WE stay in relationships, jobs, and belief patterns long past their time of true alignment with our soul . . . all to avoid that one big act:  CHANGE.

And yet, change is always asked of us in the biggest moments of our lives - especially THE GOOD ONES! 

And Transformation is what - at its core - this GLOBAL VIRUS EVENT is truly about, it seems to me.  It is An Invitation to each of us to discard the layers of our life that do not truly matter - to our hearts - and that are not the most important to OUR INNERMOST WELL BEING.

At the same time, humans tend to want to recreate what was.  And so as the pandemic ends or begins to seem more under control (depending on whom YOU believe) - we face a huge and powerful MOMENT. 

Will we move forward into a new life

That is BRIGHTER, TRUER and MORE PURE . . . 

Something that becomes A CLEARER REFLECTION of OUR SOUL? 

Will we have done the inner work and given our soul or essence THE ATTENTION she deserves during this time?  So that we can - WITH AN OPEN HEART - go forward shining brilliantly in the direction OUR DEEPEST SOUL prescribes?  Even if that path looks like nothing we would want or have chosen weeks ago?  EVEN IF that journey seems . . . NOT TO BE OF OUR MAKING?

This time of cocooning (see how that sounds so much nicer than lockdown or isolation?) has been in some respects, a great gift to the world - from what I see. 

It brought to us an extended time in which we get to reassess ourselves and the world around us.  And a time where we come face to face - if we are brave enough to look honestly - with the true inner landscape between our own ears.  WHAT do we create with our thoughts, day in and day out?  WHO do we allow ourselves to be and to become in a crisis?  WHERE does our Inner Light lead us, faced with the potential for sudden illness or even death . . . OR OUR CAPACITY to unknowingly bring that to another?

It brings us the rare opportunity to delve inwardly and explore - as well as think - in deeper ways than our propensity for soundbites and a few texting characters ever allow.

When all is said and done, life may never be the same once this event is over.  And that is a good thing - or can be - because TRANSFORMATION requires that of us.  ALWAYS.  The big, pivotal events of our lives, individually and globally, always come holding a hidden inner gift :


To transform within our deepest selves . . .

So that we come out on the other side, wherever that may be for us,



Is this perhaps what YOU are creating during this COVID time?  If not, would you want to?

There's still time.  YOUR ESSENCE is ready to lead you into a higher state of Love, Light and A Truer Expression Of Being.  How to gauge where you are in that process?  It's simple - how much fear, worry, dread, and anxiety are you holding?  Thinking?  Living?

What would your life look like - right now - if you had less of that, OR NONE OF THAT???
Surely that IS . . . A Transformation worth choosing . . . wouldn't you think?

Are you seeing the good in others right now?  Especially those you usually despise or snark about or openly resist or dismiss?  Can you elevate your view of life, and all beings, to where they all serve a purpose and hold a sacred place in the whole - each worthy of respect and love - from the rat in your yard to your professional nemesis, from a political opponent to your most difficult relationship?

And most of all, can you let go of the judgments you hold which can lead each of us to an "us" and "them" viewpoint?  Holding on to that will ultimately hold you back from seeing THE LIGHT and THE GOOD held by someone who thinks and believes differently than you.

RAISING OUR VIBRATION into one that is more pure truth, more pure light, more pure love . . . allows us to then SEE OUR OWN SELVES in that same beautiful space. 

And that is a gift that only WE can give to ourselves.  HOW?  By first giving it to all those you see, and especially those you usually or easily speak or think negatively about.  That negative energy may be directed towards them, but I promise you that it ultimately boomerangs back into your life with unintended consequences.  It's a scientific principle of energy - the sooner we all understand that, the sooner our world will hold greater peace.

Transformation requires higher truth and deeper honesty - sometimes brutally so.  But it also holds the greatest potential for becoming our truest and purest and most powerful selves.  THE ONES WE CAME TO EARTH INTENDING TO BE!

We live in a time of rapidly changing tides.  It is up to each of us to choose . . . how we swim in that ocean and how we perceive it.  Is it a sea of light just waiting for us to add our own love to its song?  Or is it a pool of darkness that knows no bounds and no end?

I BELIEVE we each get to choose for ourselves.  And then that is what we create.  We come to SEE that which we ourselves HOLD.

This time can be our masterpiece, where we focus on birthing new creations for our lives that hold LOVE, LIGHT and JOY.  Watch the moon, walk under the stars, listen to the birds . . .  you just might hear a surprising pitter patter in your heart that leads YOU into a whole new life.

Is not always easy. 
But the butterfly knows . . .
it's worth every bit of the work!


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