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LIGHT is creation energy.  Creation SPIRIT.  At its most powerful expression, in its highest state, it is . . . PURE LOVE.  Can that be TOO powerful - for you?  CAN PURE LOVE ever be TOO POWERFUL?

PURE LOVE creates ever-expanding, always increasing FIELDS OF LIGHT.  Love is both constant - and - ever expanding.  If that sounds like an enigma, it might be - to your mind - but NOT TO YOUR HEART.

PURE LOVE exists beyond duality. 
It is the signature frequency
. . . of PURE ONENESS.

Your Soul, Your Spirit, Your Essence - or whatever term feels right to you - IS NOTHING BUT PURE LIGHT.  PURE LOVE.  Therefore, no part of LIGHT can be in opposition to that which you are, in your very center.  BOTH are the same.  THE SAME PURE LOVE.  THE SAME PURE LIGHT.

It is true, of course, that YOUR BODY and YOUR MIND vibrate lower than PURE LIGHT - for most people, most of the time.  MUCH LOWER, truth be told.  And so the discrepancy or distance between those two frequencies can, and often will, cause DISSONANCE.  But is that a bad thing?

Not really.  NOT when you understand what is happening to you - and why.

It's not much different from climbing a very high mountain.  As you get closer to the tallest peaks, you are in an atmosphere far different  than that to which you are accustomed - especially your body.  The "elevation" can make breathing more difficult - and much of your body functions quite differently in that strange, new environment.  If you are unfamiliar with that experience and those conditions, then certainly THE JOURNEY may be more difficult for you. 

But that does not mean THE JOURNEY itself is harmful or too powerful.  It simply means that it is different from what you know, from what you are familiar with - and therefore A NEW WISDOM is needed.  Trying to operate in a new paradigm - with truths from an old one - is not just foolish and unwise.  It's nearly suicidal.

LIGHT is never too powerful for THE TRUEST and INNERMOST parts of your being.  It is, in fact, the vibrational frequency within which those parts of you are most at home - most comfortable - AND FEEL AND OPERATE AT THEIR BEST.

Your body and your mind, though - if unaccustomed to the higher frequencies of light vibrations - may struggle in certain ways.  But just remember this:  the cause of the dissonance is simply that your body and/or mind are vibrating at a much lower frequency than YOUR OWN LIGHT.  "YOUR TRUEST BEING"

To create HARMONY, you simply need to "close the gap".  YOUR LIGHT will never lower ITS frequency - which leaves it up to you TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION in your mind and your body.

As you allow THAT INNER LIGHT itself to RISE to the surface, as you encourage and welcome and embrace its presence in ever higher vibrations WITHIN your body and your mind . . . they do change.  The mind and the body TRANSFORM - each in different ways.

In time,
All three can move together
And at that point you are
In perfect harmony, within and without. 
You are LIVING AS LIGHT.  With a form!

It's a magical thing, and the amazing thing is this:  even when you are first beginning the process, the gifts and blessings, the magic and miracles it can bestow into your life - are TRULY ASTONISHING.  You don't have to "GET THERE" or "COMPLETE THE JOURNEY" in order to begin living in awe of the majesty and power it will create in your life.  Those gifts and blessings are there from the very beginning . . . if you pay attention.  AND THEY ONLY GROW EVER MORE MAGICAL AND MIRACULOUS.

Having had A MOST POWERFUL journey of light myself, I can tell you this:  NO MATTER how extraordinarily challenging or excruciating or potent THE TRANSFORMATIONS OF LIGHT may be for your body or your mind - THEY ARE WORTH every step of the journey.

It's an incredible thing TO LIVE.  To bear witness to.  TO KNOW . . . for yourself.  Because the process itself ultimately makes you feel and know yourself to be INVINCIBLE.  ETERNAL.  INFINITE. 

And, in the end, you come to see the world as ONLY PURE LIGHT.  And that, my friend, bestows . . . not just INNER PEACEBut something even more delightful . . . INNER BLISS!

Yes, as powerful and tumultuous as my own path became . . . I would not change it for the world.  It was worth every thing it asked of me.  I felt as if I was THE PHOENIX . . . and had been re-born.  It's a private and rare and soulful thing to transform in that way.

It's also LIFE ALTERING.  But do you know what really changes?  YOU.  Every thing which is a part of a vibration LOWER than YOUR ESSENCE . . . is dissolved in the FIRE OF THE TRANSFORMATION.

No, LIGHT is never too powerful.  
There is nothing to be afraid of.
IT IS ONLY . . .
And if you take that journey,
You will come to know something deeply precious.


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