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When you journey through The Unknown,
You develop new spiritual tools. 
Precious Inner Gifts, Deeper Awareness,
And A Truer Alignment with
These things conspire to bring you to  A NEW INNER WISDOM. 
A space where you begin to see all of life as vibrating vortexes of creation.  Gone are the usual labels - and judgments.  Now, you see each event or situation or unfolding in your life as simply . . . POTENT POOLS OF LIGHT
CREATION LIGHT . . .  to be exact.
The surface details and outer circumstances are less important to you than THE INNER VORTEX OF ENERGY - the vibrational frequency - something holds.  And within this space, you begin to exist within a whole new body of truths - THE PHYSICS OF LIGHT.  These are not yet known by science, exactly . . . BUT YOUR ESSENCE both KNOWS and LIVES THEM.
Because of that capacity, JOURNEYS THROUGH THE UNKNOWN become deeply spiritual - and potent.  No one else can "expert" you out of it.  The more you rely on conventional wisdom of the material realm, the more you begin to put your body and physical form at risk.  Notice I said YOUR BODY.  YOUR SOUL will be just fine and she will most definitely complete the journey.  SHE WILL GET TO WHERE SHE INTENDS TO GO. 
The question, though, is this:
Will YOU arrive there with full conscious awareness
. . . WHILE holding your form?
Bodies are immensely physical. But as you begin to expand in vibration and to grow into the frequencies of light . . . our bodies change.  The higher they vibrate - THE LESS OUR READILY ACCEPTED RULES of physical life apply to them.  The rules get turned inside out and upside down because . . .  VIBRATION dictates TRUTH.  What is "good" for your form depends on your frequency in that moment.
In the beginning, this can be hard to wrap your head around - and even harder to enact.  But, in time, you will come to recognize when A HIGHER WISDOM is flowing through you - and when A NEW TRUTH for you to embrace stands before you. 
YOUR SOUL knows how to keep your body intact and well  during HIGH LIGHT TRANSFORMATIONS.  It is a moment to moment thing - so you want to be alert, to listen carefully.  AND CONTINUALLY!
The more you can let go of "accepted wisdom for living as physical beings" - the easier your transitions and transformations will likely be.  And perhaps the more gentle your journey, though that is up to YOUR ESSENCE.  It is governed by the blueprint for your soul path. 
There ARE extraordinary gifts and purposes for even the most potent and powerful of lives . . . and transitions into light.  The key is to draw into the deepest alignment possible - inside and out - WITH YOUR ESSENCE & THE SACRED SOUL PATH SHE FOLLOWS.
Then, you will always be where its best for you to be - even if you do not know why!  And you will always have the inner knowing of what you need or what is your next best move.  Without knowing it, you begin to turn inward so fully and completely that . . . YOUR ESSENCE . . . becomes your daily wisdom, guiding you from THE SEAT OF YOUR SOUL.  YOUR OWN TRUE AND HIGHEST LIGHT.
Creating Light Fields is a fascinating thing. 
It is an act of SACRED ATTENTION. 
And it is a time of EXTRAORDINARY
It is also the most powerful thing you can do, or engage in, to elevate your path.  We will talk more about the how and why, the when and the where at a coming time. 
But for now, just know this:  CREATING LIGHT FIELDS is a calling.  It is a deep and reverent alignment between your conscious self - and your own highest inner light.  It will transform both you - and life around you.  IN SOME TRULY MIRACULOUS and SURPRISING WAYS.
It is true that you may not even know WHAT you are creating . . . until it births.  At least not specifically.  But that is, indeed, part of the extraordinary magic of LIVING AS LIGHT.  You can follow your essence as she guides you moment-to-moment into YOUR OWN HIGHEST LIGHT.  And welcoming the truest and most magical life you can create - and live! - from that special place.
It's a wondrous thing, TO BE ALL of WHO WE CAME TO BE.  We activate and embrace all the inner gifts and abilities OUR SOUL CARRIES - which most humans never behold, much less wield.  And yet, it is the only way TO LIVE AS WHO WE TRULY ARE . . . and . .. . TO EXERCISE OUR FULL POWER.
We are all
And that is exactly where
It is a choice we each make . . . if we are willing TO LIVE FROM OUR OWN HIGHEST LIGHT.  If we are guided by OUR ESSENCE, who speaks through our sacred heart.  For it is here that our truest power lives. 
LOVEWithout fear. 

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