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Waiting . . . TO EXPLODE.

That is how it feels here, in the midst of this powerful time.  As if  WAITING TO EXPLODE.

NO longer to be contained - an apex of joy is reached.  Finally within its truest expression, it hurls itself out of its own enforced boundaries . . . and moves into a dance of freedom that is DIVINE.

Now brace yourself.  For that dance of soaring bliss rapidly ends.  It suddenly, seemingly dies.  And the soul searches again, at all costs, to find that feeling again . . . TO BE HOME.

What has been released on the earth, across the globe - is like this.  Something which on the surface SURELY SEEMS to be awful and a curse.  Yet, deep within, it carries A GIFT.  A most potent one.  The Gift of . . . TRUTH.

TRUTH is about to LIGHT up our country - and every other.  It is, and will be, An Awakening not heard before.  It's not political.  It is SOULFUL. 

It will seem as if, by some miracle or magic, the blindfolds have come off . . . and now each person CAN TRULY SEE.  And see In a new way - a way they did not perceive life before.  Some will resist :- ), but even they will, in time, be swept up in that feeling of FREEDOM. 

It is a feeling that only TRUTH . . . no matter how difficult or painful . . . can bestow.

NOW IS A SACRED TIME.  A POWERFUL TIME.  And it is not the time to doubt or to fear.  Rather, it is a time of INTENSE INTROSPECTION.  Because this is, above all else, A TIME OF THE RAREST OF BIRTHS.

Basically, if you have evolved and transformed through this time into a new and epic TRUE YOU . . .  you begin to only live WITHIN. 

The outer world, with its drama and chaos, IS NEVER AGAIN GOING TO BE the focus - for you OR for your life.  ONLY THE INNER WORLD, THE REALM OF LIGHT, will grab your attention and use your energy.  You will be unswayed by the news or the churning waters on the surface of life. 

YOU . . .  now  ALWAYS, and only, GO DEEP.

Here, you see something new.  Something profound.  Something potent and pure.  A NEW LIGHT born into existence and now dancing across the globe - and beyond.  It is A LIGHT which brings good to all it encounters.  A LIGHT that sees only HAPPY SOULFUL ENDINGS for each and every soul.  Thus, it feels no need to change the path or current events.  Instead, it focuses on receiving each moments - AS A PURE GIFT OF LOVE - with lots of surprises and magical moments.

If you can take this approach, day and night, to all of life's storms - big and small - you will find yourself in the epicenter of a vortex of CREATION LIGHT that is uncanny in its reach.  And is breathtaking in its power.

THIS IS . . . your own true power of light.  You simply must be willing to let go of your fear, doubt and anxiety - in order to bask in ITS DEEP LIGHT.


MAGIC is simply the signature frequency of . . . YOUR SOUL or YOUR ESSENCE.  It holds those moments when the impossible seems to take shape before your very eyes.  And times when the physical paradigm bends to some higher will or intent.  If you play here in this realm long enough . . . IT BECOMES ALL THAT YOU SEE, ALL THAT YOU KNOW, ALL THAT YOU . . . LIVE!

And that is just the beginning.  For soon, what emerges is not some ancient lineage or primordial destiny, but rather . . . A NEWBORN BEING.  A NEWBORN . . . ESSENCE OF LIGHT.

Are you ready?  It's an important question to present.

For that extraordinary miracle of light IS WAITING . . . just for you.


Why are YOU . . .


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