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 In every moment, large and small, we get TO PERCEIVE IT from the outside looking in - OR - from the inside looking out.  Appearances, as we all know, can be deceiving.  So, too, can the abbreviated version of anything - as those with a penchant for frequent texting learn the hard way.

If you do not GO DEEP . . .
You will never discover


This is especially TRUE in times such as these - when THE UNKNOWN is staring us in the face.  Events in our lives can, at times, bring us to the very edge of an abyss we had no idea was there . . . where we peer ahead not knowing what we may find.  Challenges surely lurk there, and not knowing what comes . . . for most of us, in truth, FEAR then abounds.

Yet, we can also take a different approach, and find ourselves WIELDING INNER POWER like never before.  If we choose to, we can SEE the vast UNKNOWN before us . . . as a space to be welcomed.  And by CHOOSING not to first see, nor approach, it as the enemy - or worse, something threatening to call forth our very demise - we can begin to use our own gifts and abilities, inner and wiser parts of our highest self, TO NAVIGATE this uncertain time.

You would not believe how far you can journey with just a few especially wise and chosen instructions.  You do not have TO KNOW where each twist and turn is on the path ahead, nor where it ultimately leads.  YOUR MIND would love that information - but it is not so important to your heart. 



Because YOUR ESSENCE can see through the invisible. 

She holds wisdom and understanding

Which the mind simply does not.

For example, let's say five years from now, some as-yet-unknown part of your journey on earth is going to require you to know how to do something or to be something.  Something you have never done before or even thought you could become.  Something you even currently have no interest in.  Perhaps even something you would, if you had the power, ACTIVELY CHOOSE NOT TO DO OR TO EXPERIENCE. 

But because your soul knows what your future soul path may hold, when the storm arrives and you are plunged into THE UNEXPECTED . . . she may wisely lead you on a journey which helps you to develop that ability . . . even if seemingly against your conscious choosing or even your chosen will.  Years later, when you truly do need it - it's second nature  or at least familiar TO YOU - all because that one storm plunged you into something you never expected.  SOMETHING YOU NEVER WOULD HAVE CHOSEN.

More importantly, as we navigate THE UNKNOWN, we begin to realize that "knowing the future" is not the point.  It's not even as helpful as you might first think. 

Why?  Because OUR FUTURE is always dependent upon OUR VIBRATION.  You may have a soul path which holds an event potential some years from now.  But when that moment comes, the event will only unfold if you can - and do - vibrate to the frequency TO MATCH IT.

In other words, you only unlock THE POTENTIAL held in each event . . . IF YOU VIBRATE HIGH ENOUGH TO MATCH ITS FREQUENCY.  WE are, therefore, constantly creating a whole new future potential in every breath - based upon our vibration in that one present moment.

So it may do you little good to begin the journey thinking "A" will happen - when come to find out, what happens changes and is dependent upon . . . YOUR OWN FREQUENCY . . . every moment from now until then!  In the details of physics, it's more complex than that - but you get the idea.

Even MORE important, and often hidden, lies one of the most wondrous things about THE UNKNOWN.  In a way - a magical way, truth be told - IT (the unknown) RISES . . . to meet us.  By this I mean, THE UNKNOWN is nothing if not a vortex of creation energy.  Potentialities all sparkle into existence in the folds of its ever-expanding energies - THAT IS WHY it is THE UNKNOWN!  There is a lot of space there, with endless possibilities for what will ultimately come to pass.

You do not know what will happen.  You often cannot yet know what it all means.  ALL YOU CAN DO . . . is pay attention, moment to moment . . . AND LET YOUR ESSENCE guide you through the dark.  As you do so, you will hone your gifts and abilities, the deeper ones that extend beyond your physical senses.  In much the same way, a blind person's sense of hearing may develop and become extraordinarily acute, in the absence of sight.

You will begin to understand that

IT IS THE DETAILS of the path before you . . .


DETAILS can give context and meaning, yes, to every thing  you encounter on a journey through . . . THE UNKNOWNBUT DETAILS do something else.  They can HIGHLIGHT where you should pay attention and what may be really important to you - that you can otherwise easily just pass right by and ignore or not see.  DETAILS allow us to grasp a deeper and more expansive understanding of what we face.  And, if curated wisely, they bring to us A LIVING WISDOM of the noble notion that . . . WE ARE ALL ONE.

Details can be woven together in a myriad of ways - like elements in a puzzle or a story.  And depending on when they appear or are discovered, where they are placed, or how they fit together, the story itself can morph and change.  It can even RE-WRITE ITSELF . . . by revealing MORE DETAILS than were previously known.

And that is most often what THE UNKNOWN is about.  Ultimately - as we journey through it - DETAILS begin to be revealed TO US that, if we are peaceful and patient, we can gather together and allow them to show us something WE NEVER KNEW BEFORE. 

Something WE MISSED.  Something SURPRISING and EXTRAORDINARY that got lost somehow in the ordinary life and days we were living before.  EVEN SOMETHING that will forever more change us, and our lives, ultimately FOR THE BETTER!

Let me share a single, but potent example with you.  For much of my childhood - and a good chunk of my adult life - I was haunted by a recurring nightmare of what, to me, was "A BEAST".  Its glowing eyes would be there, peering into me, even long after I awoke.  It was very real - and very powerful.  Yet, some 40 plus years into this event, A DETAIL emerged - it was either revealed or finally remembered - who can really say?  Come to find out, that creature which haunted my sleep and many of my waking moments was not there to HARM me in any way.  IT WAS A POWERFUL AND RARE PROTECTOR.

Now can you imagine spending most of your life believing this ONE THING - and come to find out SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT was true all that time?  YES, DETAILS are important.  They are powerful.  And they are ILLUMINATING.

DETAILS can also take your breath away.  My husband once wrote me a really beautiful poem in a birthday card.  The details of our lives together that he included in it were stunning - and left me breathless with wonder at how he recalled them (he has a brain injury) after all this time.  THE DETAILS . . . made the poem, so to speak.  They took the usual pledges of love and friendship, and elevated them into a tender love story that was inspiring - even to me - AND I HAD ALREADY LIVED IT!

The reason I bring up DETAILS here is to invite you - AS YOU JOURNEY THROUGH THE VAST UNKNOWN of this time - to pay attention to THE DETAILS you might usually miss.  (You could miss, in a cursory glance, that the girl below is sitting not with A ROCK - but A DRAGON!  Or that she has a magical orb of DANDELION wishes before her)

THE UNKNOWN can heighten our senses,
Especially if we are consciously choosing to be
CALM AND PRESENT as we undertake the journey,
Even if the journey itself was never seemingly of our own making.

And those heightened senses will guide you to pay attention to things - little things, inexplicable things, usually unnoticed things - which hold some deeper meaning or importance for you and for the path ahead. 

ESPECIALLY for a path which seems so fragile or uncertain at this time.  IF you pay attention - whether you know the why or not - YOUR ESSENCE will reveal the shimmers and slivers of things within moments, and within your own inner thoughts and feelings . . . THAT ARE, INDEED, DEEPLY WORTHY OF YOUR FOCUS.

As you grow deeper in your peace, THE UNKNOWN will begin to reveal to you "pieces", "soulful moments", or "shimmers of light".  At first, seemingly random and unconnected, they can be impossible to connect or make sense of.  Don't worry.  That's not your job.  YOUR JOB is to notice them.  To keep an open mind and allow your heart to reveal them to you - to select hidden "pieces" for you TO NOTICE.  In time, the little shimmers will come together in a really extraordinary - AND ILLUMINATING! - and surprising or unexpected way.

In truth,
Your journey through THE UNKNOWN
Begins to reveal to you "NUGGETS OF LIGHT" -
Things you need to know, to see, to understand . . .
These SPARKLES are not something you can usually figure out with your mind.  But if you "pay attention" and let them make themselves known, even if they are revealed to you in subtle or unexpected ways . . . YOUR ESSENCE will weave them together into a story, a vision, a knowing . . . that will be really important to you soon.

The Unknown is a land most of us do not naturally or innately enjoy.  Given a choice, we almost always like to get through it as quickly as possible.  And yet, it is designed to hold EXTRAORDINARY GIFTS & WISDOM for us. 

It is oozing and birthing with CREATION LIGHT - pure, unbridled energy for the potential of life, creations, and the future.  It is a VERY IMPORTANT THING to be on good terms with, even to welcome into your life as a wise - and potent - friend.

IT HOLDS a lot of potential AND extraordinary power -
But they are up to you to embrace.


The thing about THE UNKNOWN that cannot be changed is this:  IT MUST BE MET ON ITS TERMS.  The more you try to dictate TO IT, the less you will receive that is beneficial in return.  It's your choice - so choose wisely.

We simply have to be willing . . . to honor the journey through THE UNKNOWN.  We have to know in our hearts that, no matter how scary it appears to be at the beginning . . . IT IS A SACRED JOURNEY. 

One that is filled with EXTRAORDINARY LIGHT . . . even if we do not at first see it.  One that asks of us these three things:  OUR TRUE PRESENCE, OUR PURE HEART, and OUR BEST INTENTION.

And when we approach this journey as A SOULFUL ONE,
With our heart and our essence as our guide . . .
And you may find that you actually come to truly CHERISH your time in that foreign land.  Because THE UNKNOWN reveals to you gifts and truths . . . YOU WILL FIND no other way.

It's worth THE JOURNEY.  In every way.  That's all I can say. 

The rest is up to you!




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