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It is extraordinarily exciting to face THE UNKNOWN - when you can do so without FEAR.  It is almost as if A LIGHT SWITCH turns on and suddenly - without even intending to - a higher frequency and a brighter beam of light powerfully shines itself onto, and through, your life.  Each thought, each response, each moment . . . seems to invite . . .  A HIGHER ENERGY OF LIGHT.

Where before there was doubt and anxiety, a virgin trust in a new potential emerges.

Where before there was fear and depression, a new ability to imagine something positive happening takes form.

And where before there was hopelessness and powerlessness, a magical belief that you can find an inspiring way forward begins to take hold.

Each of these requires a shift - A TRANSFORMATION - from within.  Primarily, it takes place in our thoughts, but this change also encompasses our expectations - and our beliefs.  While the hardships and difficulties possible in this time of a global pandemic are clear to anyone who is awake . . . perhaps that is not REALLY what matters.

What matters most, rather, is this:  are the possibilities and potentialities for NEW CREATION ENERGIES buried deep within all the difficulties . . . now becoming clear to you as well? 


Every Moment holds potential. 
Every Event holds possibilities rarely seen or uncovered.

And it is up to us TO HONOR the full spectrum of THE LIGHT - THE POTENTIAL - that each event holds.  For it is only when we do so that our own soulful journeys through life become . . . our best and greatest creations yet.

It is very easy to begin with the fear and the worry, the negative and the distressing - and we get mired in it and then never rise out of it.  We cannot find our way out of it because we see it in only ONE LIGHT.  WE hold only ONE PERSPECTIVE OR VIEW of that critical moment or event or unfolding.

Yet, Creation Light is INFINITE. 
And every moment we face comes into presence

The question we face is less about how do we survive this moment.  The question, really and truly, is this:  HOW DO WE USE THIS MOMENT TO CREATE OUR NEXT BEST . . . LIFE?  OUR NEXT BEST . . . and HIGHEST SELF?

And that question cannot be contemplated from within THE CAGE of negative energies or lower vibrations - fear, worry, anxiety - or worse, victimhood.  When we are unable to even IMAGINE a good outcome, or a potential for something positive to come into being from within a storm that rips through our lives . . . we have given up our power.  WE sentence OURSELVES - to stay forever in that cage. 

And it is A CAGE . . .OF OUR OWN MAKING.

We create, and then feed, and then live within . . . the energies which flood our mind with worry and doubt . . . to the point that we often forget HOW to change that tune.  But WE OURSELVES are the ones who set the dial on the receiver, so to speak.  WE are the ONES who set the loop of continually running thoughts - "the soundtrack" - playing between our ears.

And WE are THE ONLY ONES . . .
Who can choose to move OUT OF THOSE CAGES.


OUR INNER CAGES may surprise us . . . if we ever actually see them in THE LIGHT.  Invited out of the shadows and corners of our consciousness, they are usually some combination of an old, long-established fear - AND - a pattern of being afraid to "OWN" our inner power in some way.

If you remove the fear - and - you learn to honor and "own" your inner power . . . then you dissolve each and every thing which can limit you.  Your thoughts and your choices, your beliefs and your actions, all begin TO FLOW from within a state of inner alignment.  A state that allows YOUR INNER POWER to create . . . and for you to thrive, no matter what comes.

If you have not yet engaged and embraced YOUR INNER POWER and YOUR SOULFUL GIFTS . . . to help guide you through this extraordinary time we are living  within . . . NOW IS THE TIME.  Each of us is being asked TO TRANSFORM.  If we choose to do that consciously and with our own highest intention fully activated - we make this into A MAGICAL CREATION.

Doing so invites blessings and gifts along the way that will excite AND inspire you.  Why let your own journey be diminished OR impeded . . . because YOU were CAGED FROM WITHIN?  You hold THE POWER to choose otherwise.  And your future life is asking you to do so . . . AND TO DO IT NOW!

The opportunities before us are unusual - rare - and extraordinary. 
The Transformations we face, I suspect, are the very same. 
Have YOU YET CHOSEN . . . to journey through this event
With your eyes wide open, your heart fully engaged,
And your spirit soaring into a new expanded state?

I have.  And I hope you will join me!  I believe we are facing a moment OF RARE POTENTIAL - individually and collectively.  A Moment that could reset and recreate anew . . . our entire SOUL PATH.  And to do so FOR THE BETTER!

It would be such a shame to not step into - and meet! - that moment, embracing its full and complete POTENTIAL.  I think we will surely come to regret it . . . when we look at this time and what could have been . . . had we NOT been CAGED FROM WITHIN.

The opportunity is here. 
It arrived unbidden and unseen. 
The power of this moment BELONGS to each of us.
DO YOU wish to be
And to become . . . in its midst?

Someone who lives in a cage, ultimately of her own making?  Or someone who SOARS, finally free of all that has held YOU back from living and being . . . your highest potential.  YOUR OWN TRUEST LIGHT!


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