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Does THAT look like FUN . . . to you ? ? ?
I can tell you - unequivocally - THAT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE FUN TO ME!  In fact, I can honestly say that I would do every thing in my power NOT TO HAVE THAT EXPERIENCE.  EVVVEERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
And yet, sometimes, life happens - and we get TURNED UPSIDE DOWN.  Events can turn our world upside down and inside out - and surely we are all living through such a time as that right now!
I find it interesting that this extraordinary time is something NONE OF US COULD ESCAPE.  WE could not change it.  WE could not prepare for it, at least not much.  And we could not see it coming, at least not very early.  It was as if THE GREAT UNKNOWN came and swallowed us all - WHOLE - out of the blue.  WE DID NOT EVEN KNOW IT WAS THERE, lurking, about to devour our lives.
This thing was SO STEALTH in its presence and its impacts that EVEN THOUGH I KNEW SOMETHING WAS COMING . . . I still never pictured this!
The truth is,
When the world
Gets turned upside down
- Individually or collectively -
Is what comes, for us, A TIME OF INTENSE NEW CREATION - or - A TIME TO BE SCARED TO DEATH?  Our usual response can easily be the latter - and who could blame us?  We could actually DIE! 
We are almost always unprepared for BIG EVENTS that TURN OUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN.  By their very nature, they are not something we SEE COMING nor - even if we somehow do - have very little power to avoid.
And perhaps that IS the point.  WE have to proceed.  WE have to surrender to their presence.  WE ULTIMATELY HAVE TO . . . LIVE IT.
Times such as these
Require our full presence . . .
Because they give us and allow us no way out. 
We are living in just such a time right now, obviously - each of us.  AND ALL OF US. So, if WE HAVE TO LIVE THROUGH SOMETHING :- ), then the power quickly reverts back to us.  We cannot escape it - but can we define it?  YES. 
WE can choose whether it is something which washes over us like a brutal typhoon wave, crashing to the shore, taking us under with its power and force . . .
~ OR ~
WE can choose whether it is . . . AN INTENSE and POTENT TIME of CREATION. 
IF WE CHOOSE this path, instead of flailing with no ability to right ourselves and gasping to try to breathe . . . we can dog paddle, swim, or flip over on our backs and float through the waves.  We can slowly and intently MERGE with the energies of the force moving to us  . . . and become a part of its energy, its flow
In short - we can MELT into THE JOURNEY.  Not resist its presence.  HARMONIZE into its flowing power.
When we do this,
We realize that all moments
Are times of CREATION LIGHT. 
Some are more potent than others, I grant you that.  And some seem more beautiful, while others are, let's just be purely honest - brutally powerful.  BUT IF WE choose to honor the moments before us AS powerful times of creation . . . then we move to a completely NEW PERSPECTIVE.
All at once, our inner gifts and abilities, our spiritual senses and our higher methods of knowing . . . move to the forefront of our intellectual landscape.  Here, we can begin to embody and embrace the expansions and changes, shifts and transformations - WITHIN OURSELVES - which will support us as the journey unfolds. 
Suddenly, WE RISE to meet the storm.  And allowing those parts of us which move forward out of the depths and the shadows of OUR INNER CENTER OF LIGHT . . . to grow and expand . . . enables us to BE TRULY READY TO SOAR when we are no longer suspended and our world upside down no more.
While having one's world turned upside down IS NEVER EASY - and rarely something we knowingly invite - IT DOES HOLD A CERTAIN SACRED POWER.  The trick is to move as quickly as you can from the fear and the fretting and the paralysis . . . into a space where you allow the changes TO REVEAL and TO ILLUMINATE important truths and wisdom for you . . . FROM WITHIN YOUR HEART.
Here, you will be led to SEE - to KNOW - to DISCOVER . . . whatever will bring you forward and through this time in the very best way.  Having your world turned upside down is . . . PREPARATORY.  It is in truth A Soulful Invitation to TRANSFORM in some way - perhaps in many ways.  And to do it . . . sooner rather than later.  AS IN . . . NOW! ! !
We are all here now, in this together.  Our Transformations will be unique to us and incredibly individual.  But do you know what else?  THEY WILL ALSO LIKELY BE QUITE RARE.  By that I mean, they are the kind of thing we might could enact or become in no other way . . . BUT HERE & NOW, IN THIS MOMENT, WITHIN THIS EVENT. 
This event is rare -
Perhaps that is because
It will ask something RARE of us . . .
And offer us something QUITE RARE and PRECIOUS . . . in return.
Let's not discount this time as some world-upending event with no individual meaning or purpose or silver linings. Instead, I invite you to embrace this as . . . A ONCE IN A LIFETIME MOMENT . . . to do something EXTRAORDINARY!  Something EPIC! 
To Shift and To Transform something about YOU, about YOUR LIFE, about the path you take next. So that YOU USE THIS RARE EVENT we are all living through together . . . . TO CREATE A METAMORPHOSIS of your very own.  OF YOU.  OF LIGHT ! ! !
That's my plan.  I hope you will join me on this rare and soulful journey. 
I cannot imagine living through this time and NOT MAKING IT every thing it could be . . . WITHIN OURSELVES!

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