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" A TUNNEL . . .



Tunnels lead us from one "region" to another.  Sometimes, from an entirely different landscape into another - mountain to prairie - water to land.

The journey through one can be PROFOUND - and a little scary!  Can you imagine entering a tunnel in the center of a mountain?  Tall evergreens and mammoth rocks tower above you as you enter the narrow passageway, which looks unsurprisingly like a black gaping hole before you.  A portal with only ONE WAY OUT - forward - or back.

Is it any wonder there is usually a warning sign TO TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS as you enter?  By all means - ILLUMINATE THE PATH BEFORE YOU in the brightest light possible - rather than driving through blinded by the darkness! ! !

And then, after some miles, how unnerving and surreal does it sometimes feel to see A LIGHT far in the distance . . . where you can finally emerge from your subterranean journey.  And as you reach this point of power (or escape! :- )) - you realize that not only are there no trees and rocks anywhere to be seen, BUT YOUR EMERGENCE from the tunnel carries you upwards vertically and all you can see is . . . SKY!?!?!?

Your eyes slowly adjust to the blinding brightness as you FINALLY escape the confines of the narrow passageway.  Might we want to think of it as . . . A BIRTHING CANAL?  We could!

Your eyes grow wide in disbelief - and not just a tiny bit of confusion - as you realize the last mile of the tunnel carried you into a completely different realm.  Your journey, unbeknownst to you (if it was your first time there), carried you UNDER THE SEA (in the dark!) and you are now riding HIGH ABOVE THE OCEAN'S SURFACE . . . as if suspended in the air!

It is disconcerting to move from one surrounding to a completely different one, completely UNAWARES - without seeing the gradual shift as you make your way forward.  We can drive from mountain to shore, but the topography and geography change as we go, little by little, melding and blending and changing bit by bit.  When we go from one world to another without a gradual transformation . . . it can be disconcerting . . . AND UNNERVING.

And it becomes even more so IF WE DO NOT KNOW our destination or what awaits us on the other end.

Tunnels have a unique capacity to require us to narrow our gaze, focus our thoughts and responses, and pay attention ONLY TO WHAT LIES IMMEDIATELY BEFORE US.  It invites us - with threat of death or injury or accident - TO BE FULLY PRESENT IN THE MOMENT.

In some ways, I feel THIS TIME OF CORONA has been, or will become, eventually for us all - A TUNNEL.  And not just any tunnel.  But A TUNNEL . . . OF TRANSFORMATION!  For each of us, personally, individually, uniquely . . . and deeply.  INWARDLY!

Because the future is so completely impossible to foresee for most right now, in many ways, we have been globally guided into a tunnel.  While on this journey, our attention has been narrowed, in many ways, exclusively to THE PRESENT MOMENT.  Yes, we can worry or try to plan about next week and next month and next year.  Yes, we can stress about when - or if - we will ever get to work again, pay our bills, live our lives. 

But the truth is NONE of those things can really likely BE KNOWN YET.  Or CHOSEN YET.  Just like what's at the end of the tunnel . . . you cannot see it until you finally get there.

In the meantime, perhaps there is GREAT MEANING and SOULFUL PURPOSE to this time.  The Virus has landed nearly all of us, without a doubt, in A GREAT UNKNOWN. 

And in that space, we are contained in a tunnel that in many ways has hopefully narrowed our focus to what TRULY matters - RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW - THIS SINGLE MOMENT.  The future is not really open to us at this moment.  And when it finally is - we do not really know, any of us, what it might look like.

But THE TUNNEL that we are held within right now, I believe, HOLDS GREAT MAGIC.  It holds purpose and meaning and even blessings.  WE can clench our hands on the wheel as we move through the tunnel - tensed and laser-beam-focused on getting to the other side and escaping its confined, constrained space.

OR, we can breathe and listen WITHIN OURSELVES for soulful whispers and nuggets of wisdom that we are HERE - in this very situation and moment - for A SACRED PURPOSE. 


I hope that, while you are making your way through this event, you are using this time to allow THE MAGIC it holds for you . . . TO REVEAL ITSELF

Think of this time, this event, AS A TUNNEL . . . OF TRANSFORMATION.  And allow Your Heart and Your Essence to whisper to you THE ILLUMINATIONS and THE SACRED TRUTHS which are held here.

So that, when we do all finally emerge from this extraordinary time . . . we move forward knowing that we allowed THE TUNNEL to use its power . . . TO TRANSFORM us in the very best of ways.  The ways OUR ESSENCE and HIGHEST SELF hoped we would embrace and allow to birth inside of us.

I'm not really minding my time here, in this tunnel.  Are you?  It is transforming me, in some pretty magical and soulful ways.  The same can be true for you.  If it is not, or has not yet, then not to worry.  There is still time.

If you'd like to embrace THE MAGIC OF THE TUNNEL we are all in right now, begin by thinking of this time as . . . A SOULFUL EVENT.  Something designed to bring you into deeper touch with a new inner wisdom and part of yourself you may have neglected - or never even yet met! 

I hope you can SEE what lies before you as A SACRED TIME with magical gifts and wisdom hidden for you along the way. 

You can CHOOSE
TO SEE THE TUNNEL we are all in . . .
And make it your very own BLESSING -
Your very own GIFT - your very own MAGIC!



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