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What If

This Pandemic Is . . .



What If . . .


Is ultimately A WATERFALL OF LIGHT flowing into our lives?


And What If . . .  all the surface details of it . . . are NOT the most important part - for us, for our well-being, or even for our future?

What If . . . by focusing on those things we lost sight of . . . something else which this time of great uncertainty - and extraordinary circumstances - also holds?

What If . . . from the highest space possible, from the highest perspective this event can be seen from within . . . the higher purpose, and deeper meaning, of this event is simply that it is A HUGE FLOWING ENERGY OF PURE LIGHT?

A LIGHT - A Sacred Energy, even - which is energetically flowing over, to, and through each of us . . . the world over.  Seemingly invisible, perhaps unseen and unnoticed or unrecognized by most - yet still potently and profoundly PRESENT.

I have come to believe that whatever the human and physical and material details of this pandemic are - there is in fact another meaning and a deeper purpose to it.  All moments, large and small, carry within them a hidden potential.  A HIGHER CALLING, if you will.  And I feel that, I sense that, in the midst of this GLOBAL VIRUS EVENT.

Yes, there is death.  Yes, there is illness.  And yes, there is great fear.

But I sense, somehow beyond all that, a deep abiding peace.  And something more.  I sense an invisible yet higher purpose.  A meaning that may not be uncovered, or perhaps revealed, for some time.  Something which likely won't flow from the usual information sources TO US - but will rise up from within EACH OF US. 

I've been getting this very detailed sense of some higher
And more profound meaning and purpose for all of this. 

If, in fact, this time is an especially soulful and spiritual one for us - individually and collectively - then we are in for a big awakening.  A SEISMIC SHOCK, even.  Because MOST of the time, all preparations and focus during this event have been on the physical - physical needs, physical responses, physical dangers, physical measures.

And yet, just perhaps, this is - in a way - "the busy work" of it.  The constant briefings and updates, or nightly summaries by talking heads, keep our mind busy, no doubt.  Perhaps even informed - if you trust and believe what you are told.  IF YOU tune into that - and engage with that.  (I, actually, do not. Can you imagine?)

But WHAT IF . . . this time is about something else as well.  Something INVISIBLE flowing through life on earth - especially through humanity.  What if there is a more spiritual purpose to STAY AT HOME ORDERS and NOT WORKING?  Or at least, a more spiritual outcome to those things than most can see right now. 

What if, in some way, there is some exciting and extraordinary SOULFUL magic - think TRANSFORMATION! - at work beneath the surface during this time?

What If . . . we are having a much bigger event than we know?  Bigger individually . . . and bigger globally?  Even, perhaps, COSMICALLY?


On one hand, it is hard to imagine something BIGGER, short of war.  On the other hand, even in war, people have rarely been so "LOCKED DOWN" and confined into their homes, alone or with their loved ones.

I sense . . . there is A VERY HIGH LIGHT moving through.  An energy and a frequency we cannot see - but we CAN sense and feel it.  TO THE DEGREE we are not consumed by or immersed within FEAR.

If there is A WATERFALL OF LIGHT coursing through our world right now . . . and it has been important for us to be largely still and contained, quiet and tucked away at home (for many of us) . . . WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN when we are finally released?

Will we try to return to the life we had just a few weeks ago?  Will we expect to be the person we were before this? 

It has already
Been several weeks.
Did you begin to transform
In some inner and soulful way already? 
I know I did


Because I have had this sense from the very beginning . . . that this was, at its center, A SOULFUL EVENT.  It was about so much more than a virus circling the globe and destroying lives and economies in its wake.  No, I have had this deep sense that this time was PREPARATORY.  That we were all being prepared for something coming.


I don't know what, exactly.  But it feels like A HUGE SHIFT IN LIGHT is coming.  Something vibrational, based on frequency and energy, about to change on our planet.  AND WITHIN US.

Perhaps this pandemic carried some hidden blessing - or at least a higher purpose - SOULWISE, for each of us.  Maybe this time away (for most of us) from our normal, scheduled, scripted lives . . . this time of COCOONING . . . allowed something TO GESTATE within us, beyond the virus and its presence.

The question becomes . . .
If that is true, then what WILL WE EACH BE BIRTHING . . . when we are released from THE VIRUS' HOLD?
I am really curious to see . . . what WE might be creating . . . if this pandemic is also A TIME OF HIGH LIGHT.  What might this "waterfall of light" flowing through our world . . . bring next?

I encourage you to always contemplate this one potent thing:  ALL of creation holds LIGHT.

Have you yet contemplated THE LIGHT . . . this time of CORONA holds?  I KNOW I HAVE.  And as I have done so, MY INNER PEACE deepens while a growing excitement within me builds.

And isn't THAT a "NOVEL" way to feel in the midst of a pandemic! :- )


Perhaps you would like to join me there, in the land of PEACE and JOY . . . during our pandemic adventure.  If so, simply begin to deeply Contemplate . . . THE WATERFALL OF LIGHT we might be living through. 

You just may discover
Something really beautiful and amazing
About this extraordinary and rare time in our lives.


You do not want to miss THE POTENTIAL and OPPORTUNITY which it holds.  So allow your journey into THE DEEP UNKNOWN we face now together . . . to really ILLUMINATE THE PATH BEFORE YOU . . . when we do finally emerge and move our selves and our lives forward.

THIS IS OUR TIME . . . to discover that wisdom for ourselves. 
WITHIN ourselves.

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