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Do you see


Or . . . is it ultimately the same thing?


Let's begin with a simple question.

When you look at this picture of roses just below, what do you see . . .

Do you see BIRTH - or DEATH?
Do you see LIFE . . . or DEATH?
Are you more likely to see ONE . . . or THE OTHER?

And what about this one?

I'm using these images to show you A SECRET.  And A POWERFUL GIFT.  It is something you discover somewhere on your journey from PURE MATTER - to - PURE LIGHT.

Which is . . . what? ? ?

Often, the material and physical realm we live in - including how we see ourselves and our own forms - is easy to relate to in terms of black and white.  Absolutes.  Right and wrong.  Open and closed.

And yet, one of the most fascinating parts of A JOURNEY TO LIGHT . . . is THIS VERY SECRET.

 A Journey To Light is also known as raising your vibration frequency and operating as ALL OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE, YOUR WHOLE BEINGNESS - not just your physical surface and conscious self.  Somewhere along the way you come face to face with this secret truth:  in the realm of energy and light, THINGS ARE RARELY ONE OR THE OTHER . . . EITHER/OR.

And believe it or not, the same is true of our physical realm.  It's just that we rarely delve deep enough WITHIN - within ourselves and/or within something else - TO KNOW.

The mind set of seeing things as EITHER/OR . . . will quickly dissolve, the higher you take your own inner vibration.  That is because these concepts are based on DUALITY - which is not valid in the spirit or energy realms.  For example, to most of us, SADNESS is a bad thing.  HAPPINESS is a good thing.  Even, the prize!  But in the energy realm, both are expressions of a vibration that wishes to BE KNOWN.  To BE EXPERIENCED.  So that, ultimately, IT CAN GROW and EXPAND into a new and higher frequency.

This is a deeper topic, and we are not plunging into the vast mystery of quantum physics and LIGHT here today.  So I will keep it simple and save that for another series.

What I do hope to illuminate today is simply this:  your own perceptions of whether something is BIRTHING or DYING . . . is not actually dictated by WHAT YOU SEE.  WHAT IS HAPPENING.  It is dictated by . . . your perspective.

Here is a simple example.

I knew a very special Being who was nearing the end of her time on earth - in that physical form I knew her to be.  You might think of it as THAT PARTICULAR EXPRESSION OF HER LIGHT nearing its completion.  And from the very first inkling that her time to "leave" was sparkling on the horizon, she would say to me . . . when I would ask her about that time, about her death . . . "IT IS NOT DEATH TO ME.  IT IS BIRTH."

This was not a religious view for her, at least not that I could see.  It was perhaps more a spiritual one, but not as you might think.  It was TRULY a reflection of her own inner wisdom and knowledge.  It became her understanding from deep within herself about what life is, what forms it takes, and what transformations it holds.  She learned these things not from someone else, but from her own INNER HIGHEST SELF.  And because the truths she held within her were so strong, no one else's "perspective" could nudge in on her own.

She didn't mind if you thought otherwise.  And she never cared if what you believed was different.  All that mattered to her was that SHE WAS TRUE TO HERSELF - and she lived, and she died (to use a term she would not ;-)), within that truth.

She taught me a lot.  I was, at the time, just beginning my journey into light and spirit and energy INTENTIONALLY.  I was barely opening my heart to hear MY HIGHEST SELF.  And did not yet even have a stable, or strong, foundation from which to discover my own unique inner gifts and abilities.  And so, to me, this time coming for her . . . WAS DEATH.  And it was a deeply sad thing for me.

She always let me have my say, and then would conclude our talk with a very clear expression of HER TRUTH.  Something that seemed VASTLY different from my own.  I could cry and worry and fret - she would be there, patient with my fears and emotions, but never once did she engage in them. 

SHE KNEW . . .
What was real and true for her. 
And she knew it from a higher space
Of Inner Wisdom that I could not yet reach.

She was patient - but steadfast.  One day, getting closer to near "THE END", she asked me . . . why don't you stop talking to me about death.  Why don't you - for once - take my perspective and ask me about it from there?  Just call it BIRTH - as I do - and ask whatever you want to know.  Let's have our conversation on those terms, shall we?  Just this once."

She was gentle - and powerful - in her request.  Who could SAY NO?  I didn't see how it would help, but I realized she had spent hours answering questions that all arose from my perspective.  I had not truly honored . . . her own.

AND SO WE DID.  And do you know what?  It was ENLIGHTENING.  It was EXTRAORDINARY.  And it was something else, believe it or not:  IT WAS UPLIFTING like no other conversation we had ever had!

I learned more that one day than in the six months prior.  And I learned it PRECISELY BECAUSE I allowed my own perspective to dissolve, if temporarily, and was able to step into a new one - a higher one.  HERS.

Once I did that, I realized something:  THE BELIEFS we hold, often without actually putting in the requisite time and energy to UNDERSTAND IF WE TRULY BELIEVE THEM and IF THEY ARE TRUE FOR US . . . can deeply limit our growth and our expansion.

They can be a stepping stone - or an insurmountable barrier - to our ability to continue to grow, to deepen our wisdom, and to TRANSFORM . . . both ourselves AND our beliefs based upon what higher wisdom may bubble up to us from WITHIN.  THAT CHOICE IS ALL OUR OWN.

So what happened next?

The rest of her remaining time in that form was, for us both, MAGICAL 
And . . . MIND-BENDING for me.

And I could not help but wish . . . I had made that PIVOT in approach and perspective years earlier!  I could have been blessed so much more by her wisdom, and grown so much more deeply and profoundly . . . if I had done so.

The truly AWE-INSPIRING THING to me is this:  SHE CHANGED ME.  By the time she left this world in her physical form, I saw it - just as she did - AS BIRTH.  I was happy and joyful for her, grateful and contented within myself. 

And I was something more . . .

That experience is exactly the only reason why I SHARE my own truths, experiences and journey ABOUT LIGHT.  To me, it is a profoundly intimate - and inner - journey.  It is something sacred and personal and a bare-your-soul kind of event.  It doesn't need to be on a billboard - or FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.  Left to my own devices, no one would EVER know the journey I have taken . . . BUT ME. 

Except, she taught me that SOMETIMES sharing YOUR OWN LIGHT and TRUTH . . . can bless others in deep and profound ways.  And so that is exactly why creations like these sparkle all across my shoppe and websites and blogs.  She taught me the potential that being willing to share OUR OWN PERSPECTIVES and JOURNEYS WITHIN OUR INNER WISDOM & LIGHT . . . can hold. 

The truth is this:  SHE gave me such a rare and precious GIFT.  I only share my own MAGICAL JOURNEY OF LIGHT - which she guided - as a way to honor her.  And in the hope that it might bless and inspire you . . . as her gift did me!

If you are going to use this - or any time of THE UNKNOWN - to create something wonderful next . . . it will be easier to do, if you realize that the more clear your slate of perspective and perception can be . . . THE MORE MAGICAL your creations, your journey, and your inner transformations will become.

So, did you see BIRTH . . . or DEATH . . . in the first images above?  Those words usually evoke VERY DIFFERENT emotions and feelings and thoughts inside of us. 

But I am just curious, have you ever wondered . . .



I suspect
The only difference
Between BIRTH and DEATH,


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