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Can you choose something -
Even if those around you think it's the wrong choice?

It is a stunning and undeniable fact of life that YOU BREAK A LOT OF RULES . . . when you begin living as YOUR HIGHER and TRUER BEING.

When you begin to live in a higher frequency, you are welcoming higher vibrations to flow through, and to live within you MORE CONSISTENTLY.  As you focus on LIGHT and higher energies of LOVE and TRUTH, you begin to transform - inwardly and outwardly.  And you TRANSFORM in ways that move you towards a new way of life:  LIVING as LIGHT.

Somewhere on this journey, you reveal and gain a lot of new Inner Gifts.  Part of that process is about beginning to live in a way that is IN HARMONY with YOUR WHOLE BEING.  And a part of that very sacred journey is to realize that it is YOUR INNER BEING - your heart and soul and essence - that is MOST IMPORTANT.   And especially most important to . . . YOUR WELL-BEING.

Your choices, great and small, begin to reflect that wisdom, understanding that YOUR BODY & YOUR PHYSICAL FORM are a part of something much bigger . . . much wiser . . . and much higher frequency than you knew.

And within this new TRANSFORMATION, you begin to watch in wonder - and awe - and even perhaps some consternation . . . as pillar after pillar that used to support YOUR EVERY DAY LIFE and its beliefs . . . begin to weaken, to dissolve, and ultimately to fall away.

Why?  Because they are no longer needed.  They are no longer true FOR YOUR HIGHER expression of who you are.  They no longer serve THE WHOLE YOU.  And they no longer are the blessings you once believed them to be. 

What is necessary or good for you

Goes through a process of alchemy

That - in the end - will remake your physical life.


Like what, you might say. 
Well, can you imagine . . .

NOT working out physically, not needing to be thin and firm and fit in order to be TRULY HEALTHY?

NOT dying your hair (ladies AND gentlemen)?  NOT having someone else cut your hair?  Not even styling your hair?

NOT showering daily but at most two times a month?

Can you imagine . . . NO FEAR?

Can you imagine . . . BEING SO AUTHENTIC that you allow your physical form to dictate its truths, its needs, and its deepest wisdom . . . without intrusion or sculpting from YOU?


The process is liberating (in time), fear defying (ultimately),

And catapults you into a space of. . .


For YOU . . . and for others.

Here . . . there is NO resistance.  Only the soulful and heartfelt recognition of THE PURE LIGHT that is always present - in each soul, in each event, in every moment.

It's a powerful thing to embrace.  Try it - if only for a day, a week, a month - and SEE who you are and can become . . . when the mask is gone.  SEE who your next highest self might to show herself to be.

Living as who WE TRULY ARE in our Center Of Light . . .  requires a fascinating alignment to our DEEPEST AND TRUEST SELVES And that authenticity will dissolve all the 'physical' rules you've been living under, especially those created at the altar of physical image.

Can you . . . LET YOUR BODY show you HER own brand of wisdom - HER own creation spirit?  And, most importantly can you let her teach you the vast and wise understanding she holds of how to keep you well and in a state of inner and outer harmony . . . without all the trappings of modern physical life rules?


Just step in and begin the journey . . .
SEE yourself, your body, and the physical realm.

You will finally . . . BE TRULY FREE!  And have discovered the SECRET POWER you hold inside yourself . . . to live AS PURE LIGHT while holding a physical, material body. 

IT IS an awe-inspiring thing to KNOW YOURSELF and YOUR BODY in that way.  It forever changes you . . . in all the very best of ways.

What next . . .. ?
:- )



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