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There is a powerful thing held within "THE UNEXPECTED"
No matter the form it takes, when THE UNEXPECTED appears in your life
. . . it always holds AN INVITATION.


We often miss it, consumed as we humans can be with fear, anxiety and worry.  But it is there - in every single event which appears in our lives unexpectedly.  This is true on an individual scale - or a global one.

I came to live this truth very powerfully for myself - when I realized something truly amazing.  Every single event in my life which caught me unawares - every last time the unexpected arrived in the form of a curve ball I never saw coming . . . ULTIMATELY LED ME to the greatest gift, deepest discovery, or best expansion into My Truest Self.  Every single time.

And there have been some doozy curve balls in my life - the kind that pull the rug right from underneath you without a moment's notice.  I'm sure you've had your share, too!

Looking back to those times, I contemplated something truly profound:  the intensity of the moment and the raw unknown of the situation . . . led me to ultimately TRANSFORM.  Kicking and screaming, no doubt more times than not, but still - eventually - I DID TRANSFORM. 

And not just in small or seemingly insignificant ways.  Not just in ways I might have thought I wanted or deemed good for me.  No, I'm talking EPIC TRANSFORMATION here - the kind that moves mountains or changes iron into gold.  PURE ALCHEMY.  Every event which, at the time, shook me to my core . . . somehow miraculously, and ultimately, led me to TRANSFORM.  And not just that, but it led me to TRANSFORM in some way which catapulted me into A HIGHER, TRUER, BETTER version . . . of me. 

THE REAL ME, THE TRUE ME, emerged like a bright and airy butterfly from the cauldron where fear, anxiety, not knowing, and outright trepidation stewed and simmered. 

The powerful forces of the unknown consumed me.  And ultimately had their way.  It was a profound time - each and every one. 

So much so that as I look back to, and upon, the most powerful events in my life - you know the ones, the ones we would do anything in our power at the time to make them go away or erase them from our path - I am humbled by THE TRANSFORMATION they compelled me into. 

Once completed, I can only look back upon those times with deep reverence, utmost respect, and . . . something more.  A Glimmer of profound GRATITUDE that they stormed into my life, catching me unawares, and forcing me to look THE GIFT they carried directly in the eye.  And then . . . TO CHOOSE.

TO CHOOSE who I would become.  I cannot tell you THE PEACE that floods through me when I look back to each of those "worst of the worst" times in my life - earning that title either due to their sheer raw power or the depths of the despair they wrought.  Without knowing it as it happened, each event shepherded me to MEET THE MOMENT where an invitation was issued - A SOULFUL ONE.

OUR ESSENCE will use events large and small to propel us forward on - or to - our best and truest life path.  Most often, what stands in our way is in some way or another . . . ourselves.  We see all the fences and chains around us as coming from outside of us.  But if we look, really LOOK deeply enough - we end up seeing something about ourselves that really wishes to grow, to expand, to . . . TRANSFORM.

And when we change OURSELVES - the world around us changes in responseIt is one of our greatest powers - if most often a hidden one.

Now, when extraordinary events seep into my life - individually or globally like the COVID virus right now - I always see them as a kind of WICKED INVITATION.  It's as if my soul is whispering . . . "We can do this the easy way - or the hard way.  You get to choose.  What's it going to be?"

THE UNKNOWN is a potent and profound source of power - of energy - of pure creation light.  And it will draw us into its depths, whether we think we want to go there or not.  But if we meet those moments with a profound sense of inner power and a deep understanding of the soulful purpose those times bring - we can relax.  We can breathe.  WE can learn how to dance . . . through ANY storm. 

And we begin to look for the hidden messages, the secret gifts, the wonderful potential those dark times - strange as they may be - truly do hold for us.

I hope that you can come to know the deep and sweet power of these times.  They hold an INVITATION which is there for each of us.  IT IS OUR OWN CHOOSING . . . which sets our path through the storm.  But if you know what will be asked of you is TO TRANSFORM - to grow, to expand, to deepen in some way - THEN YOU CAN EMBRACE THE MOMENT.

And if you SAY YES, I WILL TAKE THIS JOURNEY here before me now, and SURRENDER to the wisdom of my own HIGHEST ESSENCE . . .

If you SAY YES, I WILL ALLOW THE TRUTHS and GIFTS of this time to flow through me . . .

Then you MAY discover something quite interesting.
Which is this:
Hold the greatest power FOR LIGHT. 
Use them well.  For they truly are . . . A GIFT.

A Gift designed to bring you face to face with A TRANSFORMATION.

One that will ultimately reveal A HIGHER, TRUER, MORE POWERFUL . . . YOU!

Will you let it ? ? ?




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