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MAGIC IN THE TIME OF CORONA . . . Introduction


In this time of extraordinary uncertainty, I have had a deep feeling of PEACE.  Sometimes even a glimmer of JOY.  And that seems to be a somewhat rare thing for most of the people I see and hear from.

I have intentionally not said anything on my websites about the virus and its impacts.  I felt strongly this was a time to COCOON within ourselves.  And a time to let ourselves be guided from WITHIN, without all the energies swirling around us infiltrating that sacred conversation - the one that might finally have the space to take place between us . .  and OUR ESSENCE.

But yesterday, "pieces" began coming - writing themselves as they often do - and I saved them, for that is my life day in and day out, lol!  Then this morning I had a flash of what to do with them and so here we are - an unplanned, unintended new creation for our shoppe.  A New Beginning.

It's not that I believe anyone needs more information about CORONA or COVID.  It's that I have found this time to hold an incredible - and surprising! - SPARKLING ENERGY. 

It seems to be birthing a profound POTENTIAL for extraordinary transformation and joyful contemplation about the future.  And somehow, what I am sensing and discovering is simply NOT what seems to be the usual mental journey and conclusions for many others. 

So I'm here to share with you . . . the sparkles that found their way to me.  If they brighten your day or expand your thoughts, I'm thrilled to offer them to you here in all their wonder and beauty.

So, here they are - a gift from my heart to yours - "MAGIC IN THE TIME OF CORONA"

A daily (or thereabouts ;- )) Sparkle Of Light you can use to expand your perspective of this time, create a new approach within yourself, or even simply fuel a deeper dive inward.  It is my hope that you may use them to discover the sparkles and shimmers Of Light - Of Good - Of Transformation . . . which this time might hold for you.

I believe we can all come out of this individually and together, on the other side, within a deeper alignment to our truest life. 

And with perhaps a surprising new understanding of our soul path.  Maybe rather than a disaster dismantling life as we have known it . . . this will become a huge vortex of creation energy. 

Perhaps it is birthing into A MAGICAL PLACE where we begin to live as more of who we came to be:


Following OUR DEEPEST SPIRIT . . .

Guided ever by OUR WISEST HEART.

Perhaps . . . that is the true purpose of this event.  Whatever comes next, this I know - OUR OWN SOUL or ESSENCE will use the next moment to invite us to move deeper into alignment with OUR HIGHEST SOUL PATH. 

I find it especially empowering - and peace inducing - when I embrace that journey and loosen the reins. And LET MY SOUL LEAD!

There's a deep purpose to THE UNKNOWN.  It invites us to let go of the dreams and visions and plans we were enacting for ourselves - to clear the slate.  And then to see what OUR ESSENCE brings forth in that newly opened space. 

It is a time for SURPRISING REVELATIONS from deep within, as well as creative energies moving in unexpected ways . . . TO TRANSFORM EACH OF US.

I'm enjoying the process, believe it or not, because it leaves no room for fears and doubts.  They take a back seat and dissolve.  And isn't THAT an amazing and precious gift all its own?  I WOULD SAY SO!!!!

Remember, to be clear - I'm not saying your own perspective is anything less than perfect!  I'm sure it is just that!  What I am saying is this:  ONLY WE get to choose what view we take, what perspective we choose to see each unfolding moment from . . . within OURSELVES.

It is my deep hope that YOUR VIEW OF LIFE RIGHT NOW holds incredible love, miraculous light, and truly extraordinary wisdom as the moments ahead unfold.  THAT is our own inner power.  But it's up to each of us to choose it - to exercise it in our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions - and then to live it in our choices every moment forward.

Perhaps this is, for each of us, meant to be . . . a time of RENEWAL and REBIRTH. 

In some very deep and profound - if unexpected - ways.



 (And P.S.  If you are new to our blog or shoppe, please know that our creations are intended to be viewed on a larger screen - not your phone. 

They are expansive, in both energies and images and text, with special energies layered between.  You get the highest benefit from a larger screen.  They will work on your phone - but you'll miss a lot of the magic!

Also, some of our friends choose to read my writings out loud, if even at a whisper.  This helps them to better absorb the energies and wisdom.  As well, it tends to encourage you to BREATHE, and to SLOW DOWN your reading - both of which help you to integrate the energies and wisdom of what you read into both your heart and mind.

What do I recommend?  Do what feels right and best to you . . . in your heart.  And trust that!)

And if you would like to ask a question or share a response with us, COMMENTS are activated below each post, or you can email us with the "CONTACT US" button/BE IN TOUCH" links on our site at




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