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Daily Grace

Here are our daily SPARKLES OF LIGHT!

Short video segments which share THE MAGIC

our ordinary days reveal in the most extraordinary of moments.

Sometimes they expand on the conversation or topic

Begun in our WISDOM & WHIMSY BLOG that day.

They share with you . . . OUR WORLD OF LIGHT!


Short WISPS of love and light, magic and spirit . . .  to brighten your day.



  FEBRUARY, 2016

 02 - "Trial & Error . . . OR . . . Trust The Flow" - 02.15.2016

It's easy to miss the message, but often what seems to have gone awry is simply asking us to . . . ALLOW A NEW WAY!



01 - "When Things Go Awry" - 02.14.2016 Valentine's Day

Beautiful daily wisps of light. Spirit * Love * Light - the magic is all around us. If we but choose to SEE. ENJOY!

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