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A Valentine's Day . . . GIFT

What Is . . .
Valentine's Day - really? 
And why do we care?

Yes, it's easy to hate it:  the hype, the commercial drive behind it, the expectations and dashed hopes.

But really - it is about something else ENTIRELY.  It is about celebrating THE SPARK OF LIGHT in our lives.  LOVE!

And it's not about A GIFT.  or THE GIFT.  or even THE BEST GIFT.

Rather, it's about WHAT MAKES SOMEONE YOU LOVE FEEL SPECIAL.  I don't know who distilled romance or even broader, deeper love than that - an entity and presence that we all know can take any form, and is actually infinite - into a formula.  For girls:  flowers, candy, jewelry, dinner and dancing.  For boys:  I don't know what, tools.  Maybe . . . ?sex? ;- ) . . . just taking a wwwwilllldddd guess here.

But here's the thing.  WHAT TRULY makes someone feel special is as unique and rare as we are.  So if you know what that is FOR THE PERSON whom you want to celebrate - for being on this part of the path with you, in any form or relationship . . . do that!

And if you don't know, think of it as a great mystery.  Put yourself in their shoes and wonder . . . what would they really like, yes, but more . .  . what would make them feel truly special.

It can be anything.  And you may just find . . . IT IS !  IF THEY FEEL YOUR SPARK OF LIGHT - your LOVE - in the gift . . . likely they WILL FEEL SPECIAL!  In this way, a handmade card with a heartfelt sentence may bowl over someone far more than something store bought costing a million dollars more.


GROW . . . 
When we love.

Valentine's Day is about celebrating those sparks of light in our life who give us that most precious of gifts: 

To become more of our truest selves . .  .

By sharing our love with them.


And thus begins our gift to you.  On Valentine's Day 2016 we release our DAILY GRACE.  A sacred space where we give you a video wisp of light.  Something short, sweet and deep - our LOVE.  It's yours for the taking.  The first one is released tonight at midnight.  May Enchanted Blessings of Light . . .  be yours.  Tonight and always.

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