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Welcome To . . . Daily Grace

Well, as magic would have it :- ), one blog is not enough, or so it seems.

Before the shop is even open, we have another blog to create.

This one is different.  It's called DAILY GRACE for a special reason.  And, no, it's not a blessing to say at the table, lol!

Rather, it is this: a beautiful, snippet of LIGHT.  Something that touched me each day, in the very ordinary life I lead, that left its sparkling light of extraordinary grace on my heart.  Like invisible wings, and unseen touches, something comes every day and lifts me up, settles me down, broadens my view - and makes me smile.  I have more than one every day, that is ever true!  The magic flows 24/7 here, and sometimes I am just stepped back in awe - and wonder - at what can waft in the windows of my heart while regular life moves on.

These are those sparkling, shimmering wonders of light which open my eyes, touch my soul . . . and hand to me this ever-present yet seemingly elusive thing . . . GRACE.  I'm filled with wonder most days, a deep and abiding peace every single one . .  . and a passion for living my truest life, no matter what comes, that is the boldest - AND BRIGHTEST! - thing I have ever done.

Don't get me wrong.  My life's not easy.  If only you did know!  It's not a cupcake, there are no tiaras, and I'm not always the most beloved . . . and yet - believe it or not - I LIVE A LIFE OF BLISS!  Largely because my inner world reflects a deep and abiding, true and untouchable happiness.  It is not so dependent on the world around me as it is . . . on how I see that world.

These, then, are those magical nuggets that really infuse my day with wonder, with reverie, with giggles - and with something more.  A DEEP AND INTENSE APPRECIATION FOR THIS MOMENT OF LIFE.  I give these to you with my whole heart.  They are bare, honest, true.  THEY ARE ME.  Each and every day, a sparkling gem of light - short and sweet, or a wisp and deep - either way, a wee but sparkling thing, a nugget of video to brighten your day. 

Why video?  I have no idea, I kid you not!  But I make them nearly every day for my classes, so . . .  hopefully I can do this, lol!  I think the reason these are video . . . is so you get a personal, intimate touch.  You get to listen - rather than read.  You get to hear and see, rather than just peruse.  And there's something else.  I'll send you all my light, all my energy, and all my love - just in that moment or two that we're together.  I have lots of those things . . . you're welcome to some every day! :- )Come here when you need a pick-me-up, a soothing thought or an inspiring spark.  Truly, 24/7 life amazes me.  Perhaps it will you too!

My thought is this . . .  if you know it's here, you can turn to it at any time.  I can't quite know when every soul on the planet feels as if their life force, their love, their light is waning.  What I can do is pour a waterfall, ever sparkling and clear, out into the universe to be there whenever it's needed.  So come. Whenever you like.  Bask in our tendrils of magic.  They are yours for the taking.

ENJOY!  PS - videos are short and sweet.  That doesn't quite mean they aren't deep.  But you CAN watch one entirely while you count to ten, to be sure you don't say something you wish you could take back :- ).  I know you know what I mean . . .  giggle*giggle!


These are our gift to all of life . . . for a new world.  A WORLD OF LIGHT!



We Begin February 14, 2016


Let's Watch The Magic Of Light

BLOOM . . .


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