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It Is Time!  You know this.  You have long felt the pull, the shimmer in your heart . . . and yet . . . we wait.

Celestiava*Magic comes to ignite the CARE OF THE SOUL - YOUR DIVINE ESSENCE. 

In doing so, you create true abundance, deep wellness and vitality, sacred wholeness . . . and perhaps most enticing . . . YOUR MOST BLESSED LIFE.

We are all here with enormous gifts - of purpose, of presence, of soulful power.  And it is OUR ESSENCE, our own unique and rare Center Point Of Light - which governs the expression of OUR HIGHEST and BEST LIGHT.

Humans rarely touch this energy - but that is about to change.  How?  Through YOU.  By YOU.  Within . . . YOU!  And so our precious shoppe has come to ILLUMINATE and to materialize for you THE PATH OF LIGHT FORWARD which beckons to you - for you - right now.

There is no turning back.  Humanity IS transforming - one way or the other.  The Divine Mother Earth herself has already elevated her energies to the point of TRANSFORMATION.  We can join her . . . or be returned home.  It is our choice - each and every being here now - and we are making that choice IN THIS VERY MOMENT.

Our Celestiava Magic site is a space of uncommon and unearthly power.  THE POWER OF LIGHT.  We welcome Transformation.  And we champion THE HEART and THE ESSENCE of each and every being here on earth and in all dimensions.  Celestiava*Magic holds DIMENSIONALITY of PURE LIGHT that is sacredly enfolded into every single word, image, gift, and listing.  You cannot escape . . . THE LIGHT.  But you can EMBRACE all the magic and beauty, power and alchemy it holds.  And our sacred space is designed to do just that!

We are unlike any other site you will find.  We do not market - spirit takes care of that for us.  We do not set prices based upon human concepts of value or marketability - the sacred items themselves choose their listing prices.  WE give away tons of powerful, sacred gifts in every form on each page of our site.  And we wholly believe you can do this - TRANSFORM - all on your own without any other Being or Help.  We offer enough tools and gifts on our site - wholly for free! - to help you to do just that.  We do not use social media and will never ever USE OUR CUSTOMER LIST for anything but to give you gifts.  In a word - we do not want to grow big so you can find us by trending via facebook and google - we trust YOUR SOUL to lead you TO US when it is time.

And finally?  OUR SITE holds no fear - of any kind - whatsoever.  WE do not engage in it nor operate within the field of that paradigm.  You will find this truth living boldly in every word and creation we offer.  And we invite you to do the same.  Why?  BECAUSE only then can you love TRULY and WHOLLY.  And it is LOVE . . . PURE LOVE, PURE LIGHT . . . with no fear - that empowers each and EVERY ESSENCE on earth to become all they came to be.

That is our mission - TO SHARE THE LIGHT OF PURE LOVE and SPIRIT boldly . . . in ways and in creations that place at your feet THE CHOICE.  Who do you TRULY wish to be?  And for those who choose to have a guide or mentor, tools and supportive encouragement from shining beings of light for this metamorphic journey . . . we are here.  Just for you.   With everything you could possibly need at every twist and turn of that magical path.

Are you ready?  That IS the only question left.  Our shoppe is designed for you . . . those who have been on a journey of spiritual awakening for decades - or have just taken their first step into the true realm of LOVE.  Whoever you are and whatever your current life . . . isn't it time to LIVE as THE LIGHT YOU TRULY ARE . . . without exception?  Without fear of any kind?  Without listening to anything more than . . . THE SACRED LIGHT WITHIN YOU as it whispers through your purest heart?

Now . . . IS THE TIME.  Welcome - you have found just where you most need to be - here, with us.  Now, let's begin! 

YOUR ESSENCE and ALL OF HER MAGIC and WISDOM await you now, here . . . in some truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring ways.

Begin by letting your inner sense guide you to some part of the menu at the top of our site, or perhaps browse the featured collections below.  Go where your heart leads . . . and you will be blessed, and find everything you need both now, in this very moment, and for the beautiful journey before you.

Awakening, expansion and transformation ARE the hallmarks of light.  They never end.  Nor . . . come to think of it . . . :- ) . . . do YOU!


We offer magical, spirit-infused creations that are inspired by the beauty and light we see around us.


  These Creations beckon to our hearts - and perhaps to yours! -

As they uplift our lives, elevate our thoughts,

And inspire us to pay attention to

The magical light in the world

All around us.


Who is our shop   CelestiAva * Magic   truly for . . . ?

*   *   *

You know who you are.


The Magical Ones.

The Soul*ful Ones.

The Hearts of Light.


Come and Dive In - Into The Depths of Our Soul, Our Heart, Our Magic.

We Welcome You - It's All Here!


Unlike most online places,

WE are not  just about A SALE or A PRODUCT.

We don't intend to move you through our site with a cart at the speed of a few clicks.

Rather, WE deeply intend to give you gifts while you are here,

Sharing a bit of love and wisdom, a bit of sparkle and light,

Infused into our site, and along with each item




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